In the Interview

In the Interview

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At the interview you need to make a good impression to impress the employer and show you are the best person for the job. To do this there are things you should and shouldn’t do at an interview.

Things you should do

Here are some helpful hints and tips to help you during your interview:

  • enter the room confidently
  • shake hands firmly and introduce yourself
  • smile
  • be polite, friendly and look the interviewer in the eye as soon as you enter the room
  • check that it’s OK to use cue cards or notes during the interview
  • try to maintain eye contact with the person or people you are talking to
  • look interested and ask questions as well as answering
  • answer questions as fully as you can, avoid just saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • provide examples to prove your skills and achievements
  • tell the truth
  • ask if you don’t understand a question
  • speak clearly
  • sell yourself – get your good points across and be positive
  • listen
  • answer questions with examples
  • keep your answers brief and to the point
  • come prepared
  • appear confident

Things you shouldn’t do

Here are some things you shouldn’t do in an interview:

  • sit down until the interviewer asks you to
  • fidget or slouch in the chair or fold your arms
  • swear – even mildly
  • criticise your past employers
  • interrupt
  • draw attention to your weaknesses
  • lie or be too enthusiastic – stay calm and stick to the facts


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