Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills

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If you are changing career or starting a job for the first time then the skills you have built up are important. You need to show an employer what you can do, how these skills are useful and how they will benefit any business.

Covering letter
You should include:

  • your previous experience
  • how you have developed your communication skills

You should point out how you:

  • developed your skills and any qualifications you have got
  • meet the criteria set out in the job description
  • answer questions in person and on the phone – include how you deal with complaints and handle difficult customers

Example application forms

Where you list your previous employment on an application form, include where you developed transferable skills. The following example shows someone who was a representative on their local Christmas club.
When filling in the application form they have listed the main duties, highlighting the skills they have developed.

Dates Employment
January 2005 to present Representative – Christmas club
I manage the local Christmas club, helping my neighbours to save regularly and budget for Christmas. My main duties include answering questions from customers in person and by phone. I have developed my communication skills by handling difficult customers and complaints.

Don’t expect the employer to work out for themselves what transferable skills you have. Where you’re listing your previous employment, highlight your transferable skills.

Dates Employment
June 2004 to present I have been secretary for the Smalltown Cricket Club for a number of years. My duties have included drafting the minutes of meetings and putting together the club newsletter. These duties improved my written communication skills. The newsletter was well received by members.
October 2003 to November 2005 Warehouse operative – Farm Feeds
My duties included stock control, organising deliveries and operating a forklift truck.


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