Let’s think about this

Finding a job is much more than just ‘What would suit me’? ‘Where and who should I apply to’ or ‘Will I be good at this’?

It reaches further down inside us and you understand this too because you’re feeling this right now. Do you question yourself and think yuk …… square peg into a round hole?

Having a feeling that you’re not wanted? Perhaps you’ve applied to many places and been rejected? Perhaps you’re left with that solitary and demeaning feeling of not feeling ‘good enough’? There’s more too but let’s not focus on more …….. just know one thing, you’re not alone!

Drop and lose the feeling of isolation, forget about feeling not good enough…. and that thought that you’re not wanted that’s outrageous!

You’re an individual! You’re unique, there’s no two people walking around on this planet who are the same with the same life experiences, that’s why there’s menus at restaurants! We all have different types of parents, childhood experiences, lessons from life and our reactions to them. We all have something different to offer!

What all this means is that although societies and cultures like to box us up neatly, pigeon hole us and say we fit into this category or that one, the fact is that we’re not bars of fruit & nut chocolate, all being the same. We’re individuals!

Be happy and pleased with the person you are, the fact that you haven’t yet found the right employer or company to work for doesn’t mean you won’t find a job to suit you, it simply means your unique skills and talents haven’t yet touched the person, company, enterprise which you’re ideal for at this time in your life. Have no doubt at all that with more life experiences you as an individual will change, become more engaging and confident in your skill sets and this will reflect from the inside to the outside of you.

Wherever you are now, perhaps in your office, perhaps in your bedroom, perhaps in your royal palace somewhere …… there’s a few hard cold facts that you should read and digest.

Take a look around you, choose three things you see, perhaps a light switch, perhaps a piece of furniture and perhaps a painting. Every single one of these things that we use in our every day life have come from one place and one place alone …….. someone’s mind. Someone thought of that design, that piece of furniture or the way something works.

Everything in life comes from our mind, we invent things all day long. Sometimes we invent actual tangible things we use, other times we invent feelings which affect our bodies and minds and other times too we invent the way we live, that’s saying that we let our feelings take over our mind. Have no doubt that you’re in charge of what you feel, I’ll be showing you this later on in other blogs.

I’m here to do nothing more than encourage you to be aware of and see the Truths in life. It’s going to be an ‘ask’ of you to be open minded and be open to the fact that if you stick with me here, reading these free supportive blogs you’ll realise that you’re in total control of who you are, the way you behave, how much respect and regard you get from people, how your career progresses and your personal life too. You’re in total control of where you’re going in life!

There’s no difference at all between your personal and business life as a person. At the end of the day businesses come down to people and no matter what position you may hold from courier driver, post delivery services, an area manager, a CEO of a company, sitting in your palace on your throne, it’s all down to you to do what you know is right. Just deal with people the same way you want to be treated, it’s as simple as that.

Exercise 1

Take a large piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, on the top left hand side write ‘Positives’ and on the top right hand side write ‘Negative’.

Now, write what you ‘think’ are your positives and negatives. Things like ‘good communications’ or ‘I like to chat with people’ are positives. If you have thoughts of ‘ lack of self confidence’ or ‘I’m afraid of doing ….’ Put those as negatives.

I’m going to give this a few days and then I’m going to come back and write some more on this. You’ll be surprised at what you read and what you thought was a negative can turn out to be a positive!

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