Q. – What is the purpose of the service?
A. – To provide you with the information to put your career destiny into your own hands and apply to employers on a proactive basis for jobs.

Q. – What services do you provide?
A. – We provide you with access to millions of employers in the UK at very low cost.

Q. – How much do your services cost?
A. – Our service costs £5 for the entire UK Employer list.

Q. – How long do the services take once I’ve paid?
A. – The service is instantaneous. Once you have paid, you can download the information immediately.

Q. – How accurate are the employers records?
A. – The records are all constantly updated and accurate.

Q. – How many different types of employers does the service cover?
A. – The system covers all types of professions and 3.6 Million Employers with more being added each week.

Q.- How do I pay for the service I choose?
A. – We only accept payments through PayPal. They accept both credit and debit cards. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to use the service.

Q. – Do you contact employers for me?
A. – No one is better qualified to introduce you to a potential employer than you, so we leave that to you and the employer!

Q. – I live outside the UK, can I still use the service?
A. – Yes, our services are available to anyone in the world. You may have to get legal advice for work visas within the UK.